An Overview of Sawing Machines

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The sawing machine is a machine tool designed to cut material to a desired length or contour. It functions by drawing a blade containing cutting teeth through the workpiece. The sawing machine is faster and easier than hand sawing and is used principally to produce an accurate square or mitered cut on the workpiece.

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The power hacksaw and the bandsaw are two common types of sawing machines used to cut metal in the machine shop. The power hacksaw uses a reciprocating (back and forth) cutting action similar to the one used in a hand hacksaw. The power hacksaw is used for square or angle cutting of stock. The band saw uses a continuous band blade. A drive wheel and an idler wheel support and drive the blade.

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Safety Precautions

Sawing machines have some special safety precautions that must be observed. These are in addition to those safety precautions described in Chapter 1. Here are some safety precautions that must be followed:

· Keep hands away from the saw blade of the hacksawing machine or bandsawing machine when in operation.

· Ensure the power supply is disconnected prior to removal or installation of saw blades.

· Use a miter guide attachment, work-holding jaw device, or a wooden block for pushing metal workpieces into the blade of the bandsaw wherever possible. Keep fingers well clear of the blade at all times.

· When removing and installing band saw blades, handle the blades carefully. A large springy blade can be dangerous if the operator does not exercise caution.


Special Operations on Sawing Machines

Internal Sawing

Internal sawing is performed in the same manner as contour sawing except that the bandsaw blade cannot start cutting from the edge of the workpiece but must start cutting from a drilled hole in the workpiece. With the pattern laid out on the workpiece and the starting hole drilled, insert an unwelded bandsaw blade of the proper length through the starting hole. Bring the two ends of the blade together at the butt welder of the bandsawing machine and weld the blade into a continuous band as described in the pertinent operation manual for the machine. Install the bandsaw blade on the sawing machine and make the necessary adjustments to the machine.

Band Filing

Filing is performed on the vertical band saw machine using a band file and the band file attachment. As with sawing, the quality of filing and the economical wear of the band file depend upon proper selection of files and filing speeds for different materials and conditions.


Polishing bands and a polishing attachment are provided with the vertical band saw machine so that light polishing can be performed. The polishing bands are intended primarily for removing saw marks on the cut edges of workpieces.

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