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YYS, as a professional paper reel cutting machine manufacturer, supply paper roll cutting machine and paper slitting machines, which are widely used in cutting corrugated roll paper, wormed roll paper, soaked roll paper with different width, speed and efficiency. On-site roll paper processing service is also provided as long as you demand. You're alwalys welcome to visit our factory!


If you are making rough cuts, opt for a ripping blade. If you want a more precise, finer cut, go for a crosscutting blade. If you need a blade for various cutting applications, go for a combination blade. Choose the blade by the application.

The special saw blade at Youyuansheng Machinery is used for cutting corrugated paper, Kraft paper, paper tube, honeycomb paper, paper pipes, roll paper, etc. It is strong, clean, smooth, with no late surface polishing, with high efficiency of cutting and it has obvious benefits and economic value.

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