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Welcome the foreigners from other countries visit us to buy our high-speed roll paper cutting machine!

Customers from Turkey

October 2015

Customers from Turkey visit us for the automatic slitting machine with cut function.

Customers from Jordan

March 2016

Customers from Jordan visit us Paper Packaging Material Slitter Machine.

Customers from Algeria

May 2016

Customers from Algeria visit us for the Thermal paper slitting/slitter machine.

Customers from Lebanon

October 2016

Customers from Lebanon visit us for the Industrial Paper Cutter/Automatic Paper Cutting Machine.

Customers from Saudi Arabia

November 2016

Customers from Saudi Arabia visit us for the corrugated paper rotary cutter.

Customers from Poland

December 2016

Customers from Poland visit us for the Band Paper Roll Saw Cutting Machine.

Customers from Egypt

January 2017

Customers from Egypt visit us for the Circular Band Saw Cutting Machine.


Jun 2018

Customer from Brazil visited our booth at Sino Exhibition for orders


April 2019

Customer from Mexico visited our booth at Exhibition for orders


Jun 2020

Customer from Ukraine visited our machine running at client's factory in Shanghai,China


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