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China is known as one of the world’s strongest economy when it comes to the manufacture of high quality machines and other industrial equipment. 

The good and favorable manufacturing environment provided by the government as well as the high level of creative amongst the Chinese citizens has made the country next to none when it comes to the production of various premium machineries and equipment.

In a bid to create an environment for buyers and sellers of various industrial machines to meet on a common ground of what will be a smooth deal, the 2020 South China Internal Logistics and Process Management Exhibition has been scheduled to take place between July 22nd – July, 24th, 2020 at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. 

The exhibition, which is usually an annual event, has been so scheduled to give buyers the opportunity of increasing their industrial machine fleet without breaking the bank. 

In view of the forthcoming 2020 South China Internal Logistics and Process Management Exhibition, renowned production companies such as Kunshan Youyuansheng Machinery Co., Ltd., which are based in China shall be displaying an array of some of their manufacturing prowess. 


Among some of the industrial machines you can purchase from this manufacturer during the exhibition are Sawdust Baler Machine, Paper Reel Slitting Machine, Paper Roll Cutting Machine as well as other superior machines from their factory.

Exhibitor Value Proposal

The 2020 South China Internal Logistics and Process Management Exhibition will not only serve the purpose of connecting professional industrial machine buyers to exhibitors, but it is also aimed at establishing a great network of opportunities across various major decision makers of various manufacturing brands in China.

Similarly, the high number of exhibitors who are ready to display their equipment at the exhibition has already marked the exhibition to be a mega-show that will gather over 50,000 buyers across a space of 90,000 square meter. 

With other specialized services such as conferences and match making, it is obvious that the exhibition will turn out to be an event where exhibitors can establish a strong business corporation as well as providing personalized processing management solutions and intralogistics for manufacturers from various sectors of the manufacturing industry in an efficient manner. This, you can tell is a very good venture for manufacturing companies in China and abroad. 

Visitors’ Value Proposal 

During InMAT, professional members of manufacturing industries will come together for an elaborate display of related technologies and solutions, intralogistics and processing management equipment, as well as the bringing together technological solutions to packaging, product manufacturing and warehouse operation.  

In order to provide visitors with a seamless way of efficiently identifying the most suitable exhibitors as well as products that meets their specific needs, specialized services such as the innovative digital tool – Reed Connect App and match making will employed onsite to make buying and selling a breeze for both exhibitors and visitors.

With over 700 exhibitors within a landmass of 90,000 square meters, you can tell that the 2020 InMAT exhibition is designed to mega-marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

Product Categories Available During Exhibition Include;

1.Packaging, weighing, measuring and delivering systems

2.Cargo tracking and identifying system

3.Information and communication technology

4.Simulation software

5.Warehousing system software

6.Ground conveyor and accessories

7.Material handling and warehousing technologies

8.Warehousing and operating equipment

9.Warehouse and production control system/robot


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