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Improvements in the Paper roll cutting machinery

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The paper roll cutting machine is specifically designed for paper rolls. For the sake of this blog, we focus on the paper roll cutters. Let’s get started!

When it comes to cutting down the sheets of paper in a specific size, the paper roll cutting machine is best designed for it. Manufacturers today, make use of the latest tech innovation to come with a more efficient machine. The aim of such innovation is to provide more satisfaction in the area of protection, efficiency as well as precision. Another important area of focus is the trimming task. However, the paper cutting machine price will depend on certain features and the specifications.


We offer high quality paper roll cutter, with versions considerable width and with high roll cutting capacities. We keep improving on the specifications of this roll cutter. We look at the various ways to improve its efficiency. This is why we have incorporated automatic options in the new set of machines.

paper roll cutting machine

General features

The roller bed adjustment system allows a perfect seating of the material to be cut.

In the same way, a lubrication system for the blade is integrated that allows the cutting of fusible materials.

It also incorporates a measuring device that indicates the exact position of the cutting head to make a precise cut without the need for external measuring elements.

The paper roll cutter also comes in 3 different manufacturing options:

Manual: both the positioning of the cutting head and the cutting process of the roll are carried out manually by the operator.

Semi-automatic: Two versions are offered. In one, the roll cutter can cut the roll automatically at the press of a button (and the rest of the manual movements) or, the second, where the cutting head automatically moves to the desired point to perform the cut of manually.

Automatic: this is characterized by programmable processes which are used for cutting rolls.

The processes are fully automated with respect to established programming which is done on display.

In the automatic version of the cutter, an automatic feeder for rolls can optionally be installed, as well as an automatic system for the evacuation of the same.


There is a wide variety of paper roll cutting machines in the market. This is why we advise clients to consider essential factors before making their choice. One of such factors is the reputation of the supplier. Your chosen supplier should have great experience in the manufacture of high quality and standard roll cutting machines. You can confirm from their website and the reviews from other past customers. It is also important to pay attention to other aftersales services which may include installations as well as other technical services which may be needed after purchase of the machine.

Do you need a high quality paper roll cutter that will serve your business? You are in the right place. Here, we provide the best quality equipment to provide you everything you need to set your business rolling. We are here! Contact us. 



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