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3 minutes to take you in-depth understanding of “China Slitting & Cutting Machines”

The paper cutting machine is the main equipment of the paper cutting workshop, which is used to cut web into flat paper.


According to its working principle, paper cutting machine can be divided into knife switch type and rotary type (knife roller type). The knife cutter is used to cut large size flat paper into smaller size paper, and the rotary cutter is used to cut web paper into flat paper. Therefore, "rotary cutter" is also known as "Slitter".

Roller Cutting Machine


Because the paper feeding and cutting device of the rotary paper cutter only moves continuously, its structure is simple, its production capacity is high, and it can cut three different length and width specifications at the same time, so the rotary paper cutting machine has been widely used.


This kind of "rotary paper cutting machine" is called "Slitting machine", which is often produced in three specifications: 1400mm, 1700mm and 1900mm.


Any paper processor can choose to buy or customize according to their own needs.


According to the different cross cutting mechanism, the slitter can be divided into single cutter roller slitting machine and double cutter roller slitting machine. The cross cutting device of the single cutter roller cutter has one rotating roller cutter and one fixed bottom cutter to cut the web, while the cross cutting device of the double cutter roller cutting machine has two synchronously rotating roller cutters to cut the web.


In the line, "single knife roller cutting machine" is referred to as "single knife"; and "double knife roller cutting machine" is referred to as "double knife".

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