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5 Features of a Good Paper Roll-Cutting Machine

You must have a Roll Paper Saw to cut the rolls into two halves with perfection for long thick rolls. You won’t be able to cut a big wider roll manually, plus you might not get perfection once you complete the task. Not for long rolls, but to cut boards, you can use the roll paper saw to complete the job perfectly, accurately, and efficiently.

Features of a good Roll Paper Saw

If you want to buy a good Roll Paper Saw, then here are the top 5 features that you must look for in the machine before you make the purchase:

HCHCR material machine blade

A good all-paper saw consists of an HCHCR (High Carbon High Chromium steel) blade to perfectly cut the blocks into halves within the minimum time frame. Otherwise, if the blade quality is not good enough, then the outcome of your task might not satisfy you. Sometimes low, the quality blade is stuck and won’t cut the block.

Therefore, a good roll paper saw always consists of a premium quality blade that doesn’t get stuck while cutting a block or a board.

Higher working capacity

If you try cutting a big roll, the roll paper saw must take 3-5 minutes to cut one roll. It is a quality feature of a good roll paper saw. The working machine capacity has to be 1.5 tons in 8 hours. Otherwise, if you are considering any other roll paper saw that doesn’t have these features, it won’t be considered a piece of good equipment.

The working capacity of the machine has to be high; only then will you be able to work fast and efficiently. Therefore, you must ask the seller about this feature before buying any roll paper saw.

Perfect and accurate cuts

With the help of a good roll of paper saw, you will have better control over the blade and be able to make perfect and accurate cuts on all types of paper.

Single person operation

If we talk about a quality roll paper saw, it doesn’t require many people to operate it; instead, only one person will be able to use it. To cut down your labor cost, getting a roll paper saw that a single person can operate would be best.

Smooth operations

Smooth operations are the last feature of a good roll paper saw, and the blade won’t get stuck while cutting the block. After knowing the blade quality, you must ask about the operations and how the blades work, and how much you will have control over the blade.

Smooth operation is an important feature differentiating between a good and a bad roll paper saw.

Contact YYS Machinery to get the best Roll Cutting Machinery

It would be wise to get a roll paper saw for the task instead of trying to cut down rolls and boards with the help of a jig saw or a chainsaw. There will be consequences for doing the job with the wrong tools. You can discuss your needs with us to order best roll paper saw in an affordable rate.

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