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6 Ways to Maintenance Corrugated Paper Cutting Machine

YYS,as a paper roll cutting machine manufacturer,is committing ourselves to improving industrial paper roll cutting machines.Many of the industries use paper cutting machine in working hours, but when it not in use or rest a relatively long time, we need to take good care of it. There are 6 maintenance methods of cutting machines.


1. The cutting machine dirt rail must be cleaned each day, make the bed clean and turn off the power after work.

2. Turn off power if you leave the machine long time, in order to avoid non-professional operates.

3. Clean up the whole machine including horizontal, vertical rails, rack and pinion drive, add oil to lubricate parts every week.

4. Check the horizontal and vertical rub rail is working, if not, it needs to be replaced.

5. If automatic height control device is installed, detect whether is sensitive, whether you need to replace the probe.

6. CNC cutting machine is a precision device, so the cutting machine operation must be done Sanding (set of people, machines, posts).      

Welcome to visit YYS Paper Cutting Machinery to seek more useful tips.

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