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An Outline Of The Industrial Paper Roll Cutting Machine

In the face of digital world development, the paper industry remains one of the most important players in the global market.


From books to magazines to boxes to cartons to shipped and mailed items, paper products are an essential part of our daily lives – yet often disregarded.


The paper roll cutter which is also known as the roll cutting machine or roll slitting machine is an important piece of equipment for paper production and recycling establishments.


Paper roll cutter can cut diverse width paper rolls and also offer on-site paper roll cutting processing amenities. It is invented to facilitate the recycling of paper roll remains from paper production, print works, packaging industries, and other areas.


The paper roll cutting machine is utilized in application areas such as packaging industries, printing factories, and paper mills, etc.


They are used for cutting various forms of rolls paper such as wormed, bigger, or soaked paper rolls, or a particular requirement according to customer’s request.


Paper roll cutter machine can also cut kraft paper, aluminium foil card, white card, positioning card, corrugated paper, etc.


Does your production process require a slitting machine for cutting up excess paper rolls? The automated industrial paper roll cutter is the best option for you.



The paper roll cutting machine is appropriate for cutting aluminum foil cards, white and grey board paper, cosmetic card paper, double adhesive paper, and more high-end packaging papers.


The production of heavy rolls paper cannot be handled efficiently with the use of the conventional cutting equipment but with special roll cutters.

 industrial paper roll cutter

The machine holds automatic stacking, tension, and exhaust, hydraulic rewinding, tracking error display, high-performance frequency conversion traction, electric detection, automatic marking.


It also has automatic divergence on line, modifiable oblique angle, drawing and cutting line, automatic stopping of running position, high sensitivity light, automatic traction, limit automatic stop, etc.


The paper roll cutting machine takes on high efficiency, high definition man-machine interface, high speed, and high precision synchronous control.


It holds the benefits of stable operation, no abrasion on the paper surface, simple inspection, high precision, lesser waste in similar kind of products.


These unprecedented benefits make it the highest precision cutting machine both locally and internationally, thereby becoming the ideal option for customers.


Advantages of Paper Roll Cutting Machine

The following are the advantages of paper roll cutting machines:


§ Easy and convenient operation

§ A high degree of automation

§ Safe and reliable

§ Counting marker

§ All parts of the machine are durable

§ Antistatic device

§ Automatic roll unwinding unit

§ Paper recycling ratio at 95%

§ Automatic gathering of neatly loaded paper product, after cutting

§ Smooth and perfect cutting surface; no need to mend the flank after cutting

§ Can be customized according to customer’s specification and paper roll size


Our professional experience has empowered us to develop the highly automated industrial paper roll cutter which offers years of problem-free services in paper rolls production and recycling.


Kindly contact us today for the best deals and we will be glad to part

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