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Basic introduction of paper cutting machine

Paper cutting machine is a new paper cutting equipment product on the market. Paper cutting machine is a mechanical auxiliary cutting equipment for manual cutting of traditional handmade paper crafts. It is also called computer paper cutting machine, DIY computer paper cutting machine, paper cutting machine, etc. in the paper art industry. Let's analyze the basic knowledge of paper cutting machine.


Method of operation

If you are using the computer paper cutter for the first time, please follow the steps below:


1. Use the power cable provided with the original box to connect the paper cutter and the power socket.


2. Connect the paper cutter and the computer with the communication cable provided with the original box.


3. Remove the fixed cable tie of the fixed cutter car, turn on the power supply of the paper cutter, and check whether the liquid display of the equipment is normal.


4. Adjust the paper cutting machine platform to ensure that the platform is flat and take advantage of the adsorption platform.

 paper cutting machine

5. Put the cutting blade into the tool carriage and adjust it appropriately. Adjust the laser light path.


6. Put the processed paper, non-woven fabric, and coated paper materials on the platform.


7. Offline test and set relevant parameters.


8. Computer design, transfer data, start cutting.



1. To use this machine, please use a stable power supply of AC 220V. 50Hz.


2. When plugging and unplugging the power plug and data cable, the external power cord should be disconnected, plug and unplug carefully, and do not use too much force.


3. When continuously restarting the paper cutting machine, the time interval between restarting the machine should be greater than 5 seconds.


4. The working environment of the paper cutting machine should not be carried out in a strong magnetic surrounding environment, such as electric welding, high-power audio, etc.


5. It is very important to keep the bottom plate station and the plate clean and to clean the paper cutting machine frequently to strengthen the paper cutting precision and extend the use of the equipment.

 paper cutting machine

6. Connect the grounding wire to prevent static electricity from interfering with the work of the machine.


Performance characteristics

1. The physical cutting blade ensures that the product has no peculiar smell, no yellowing, and meets the technical conditions of manual production.


2. The work of the paper-cutting machine is suitable for the characteristics of paper art, and the cut products are exquisite and delicate, with a knife peak and a knife, reflecting the beauty of handwork.


3. The increased productivity of the paper cutter can replace manual labor and free up more energy to develop the market.


4. The loss of paper and the cost-effective advantage of the paper cutting machine can help the development of handmade paper art.


6. The cost of the paper cutting machine is low, and the consumables are less than one yuan per hour.

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