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Cartons are difficult to be replaced despite the rising in paper prices.

Enter 2018, the paper price is continue to rise. In February and early march, a number of paper mills issued a price increase, announcing a rise in paper prices. Now the market is quiet a bit, but from the securities institutions and leading paper factory manner, record-keeping movements still is given priority to with rose in 2018, more people in the industry, expects this year record-keeping is likely to rise to 5700 yuan/ton.

Increase in each price of that paper since last year result in extremely high cost. At the same time, the end market is changing: wholesalers are the price of fruit, and the delivery enterprises and the e-commerce use the old cardboard boxes, which is a way of saying that the box is falling, but it is hard to replace it.

Last year, the price of the original paper rose to nearly 6,000 yuan/ton from a minimum of 2,800 yuan per ton. The price of the paper has doubled, leading to a sharp increase in the cost of carton enterprises. Since after the Spring Festival this year, as the traditional off-season, the paper mill can still raise prices for many times, although the market has to calm down a little, but comprehensive all aspects of news, 2018 record-keeping is still given priority to with rose.

But most of the goods can not sold without carton packaging, because the cartons have natural advantages unparalleled: molding easy, easy to fold, breathable, moisture effect is good, biodegradable capability is strong, almost does not cause pollution to the environment.

For this reason, many businessmen can only reduce packaging, such as electronic products and small home appliance product delivery after packaging standard, product packing, add a layer of carton packaging, in order to reduce transit knock against. Today, the outermost layer is shrinking.

It can be seen that the demand for cartons is still strong after last year's rising tide, but it is hard to find a substitute thing to replace the carton. In 2018, whether we will continue this state, we only have a quiet view.

paper cut machine.webp

In the context of the continuous rise of paper prices, some customers also chose YYS paper cutter machine to process the inventory paper.We not only provides the paper cutter, but also provides the Sawdust baler/packaging machine, which has cleaned up the inventory, saved the storage space and solved the problem of buying paper.

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