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Circular saw cutting machine saw blade cut how many knives need to be trimmed once

The frequency of blade grinding in a circular saw cutter depends on a number of factors, including the material of the blade, the type of cutting material, the cutting environment, and the use and maintenance of the blade. Generally speaking, the saw blade will gradually wear out during use, and appropriate grinding can extend the service life of the saw blade and improve cutting efficiency and quality.

For the saw blade of the circular saw cutter, it is recommended to check and evaluate the wear of the saw blade regularly. When it is found that the saw blade cuts about 500-600 knives, it should be considered for grinding. However, this value is not fixed, as different blades and conditions of use may affect the timing of grinding.

In actual operation, the number of grinding and grinding thickness of the saw blade will also be different. The correct thickness of a grinding is about 0.06 mm, and it can generally be grinding about 4-5 times. However, this figure will also be affected by factors such as saw blade material, cutting requirements, and grinding technology.

Therefore, in order to ensure the normal use of the saw blade and extend its service life, it is recommended that you regularly check the wear of the saw blade and carry out professional grinding if necessary. At the same time, the correct use and maintenance of the saw blade is also very important, such as avoiding excessive load, timely cleaning the debris on the saw blade and so on.

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