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CNC band saw cutting machine how to choose the right paper roll cutting

When choosing the right CNC band saw cutter for paper roll cutting, you can follow these steps:

1) Determine the characteristics of the cutting material: Select the appropriate cutting component according to the characteristics of the type, thickness and hardness of the paper roll you need to cut. This includes parameters such as the pitch of the cutting head, blade thickness and shape, which need to be adjusted appropriately according to the material characteristics.

2) Set cutting parameters: according to different materials and paper rolls of different thickness, set the appropriate cutting speed, speed, cutting depth and other parameters. The goal is to ensure cutting quality and efficiency while reducing cutting head wear and energy consumption.

3) Programming and control system setting: programming software is used to write the cutting program, and set in the control system to ensure the stability and accuracy of the CNC band saw cutting machine.

4) Adjust the limit device: The limit device is used to control the starting position and the end position of the cutting to ensure the accuracy of the cutting. You can set the limit device by physical adjustment or programming control.

5) Test and fine tuning: After completing the above steps, carry out the actual cutting test to check whether the cutting size meets the requirements. If there is a deviation, make the necessary adjustments according to the test results until a satisfactory cutting accuracy is achieved.

6) Maintenance and operation training: keep the CNC band saw cutting machine clean and maintenance, timely change the cutting head and adjust the cutting parameters. Train operators to ensure they are familiar with proper operating methods and safety procedures.

Please note that the specific adjustment method may vary depending on the model and brand of CNC band saw paper cutter, so it is recommended to refer to the machine’s user manual or contact the manufacturer for detailed guidance. If you encounter difficulties in the operation process, you can also consider seeking the help of professional technicians.

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