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Defining web slitters for the next decade

A web can be defined as flexible, long and thin material that may have tissue rolls, foils, paper rolls, plastic films, and wire. It is brought to the final stage with the help of large rollers. After this, it can be used for many purposes when the processing like coating, lamination, and platting is done on it.

Roll slitting:

Roll slitting is a process in which large rolls are cut into smaller ones which are easy to carry and handle. Slitting can be done by treating roll as a whole and cutting it into different pieces. No unwinding is required here. It can also be done by unwinding the roll and passing it through blades and knives and cutting is done. This case requires unwinding of roll.

Toilet paper roll cutting machine:

YYS-Machinery provides several products that can be used for very fine cutting of tissue paper rolls. Blades either straight or circular are used for this purpose. Some blades cut the material deep inside while the others may grind the material towards the roll. The shape, type, and width of the blade are selected according to desire. Some of our machinery uses many blades and produces more than one product in a single shift.

Toilet Paper Roll Cutting Machine

Advantages of using YYS-Machinery:

By using products of YYS-Machinery, following benefits can be enjoyed by a buyer:

· Our products provide good processing at a lesser cost.

· There is high precision in mass production.

· Less waste is produced.

· More products can be achieved at once.

· They are time savers.

Our machinery has monitoring power that is used when the process is to start. It chooses which blade is required and its sharpness is also maintained. This is an important step as it ensures very fine and precise cutting. The process is done in accordance to have good quality products.

Toilet Paper roll cutting machine operates at 5000m/min which ensures very fine cutting of rolls. We also have automatic toilet paper cutting machinery which also controls the stiffness of the final product. It automatically adjusts the correct position of blades. The Position of the core is also set for winding of tissue paper. This reduces manual handling very much and leads a buyer to safer use.

Highly recommended for Industries:

Industries find many uses of this machinery. They receive large rolls of products which can not be used directly for further processing to meet consumer demands. They are cut into smaller rolls of the desired size. This is done by using the machinery which is widely provided by YYS-Machinery.

We can notice that as the population is increasing, the consumer's needs are also increasing. Thus in the future, the demand for this machinery is also going to increase to meet upcoming targets.

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