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Everything you need to know about the industrial paper roll cutter

You have probably heard of the word roll cutter, but you may not have much knowledge about what this means in industries in general or if you belong to any of the industries in which this machine is used. However, there are things that still remain to be learned about the roll cutter which will help you the next time you want to order for a paper roll cutter for your business. This is the focus of this article.


First of all, the roll cutter is used to cut a roll of different materials, into thinner or smaller rolls. It is also known as roll slitting. Two types of cutting can be made, one is the register cut and the other is the rewind cut. One unique example of the roll cutter as we have in the industry is the industrial paper roll cutter which is basically used in the large scale slitting of paper rolls.


During the process of longitudinal cutting of the rolls of material, this is treated in an integral way, that is, it is not unrolled to make the cuts, but the roll is kept intact while the cuts are made. So, it is understood that, in the rewinding process, it unwinds. The material first passes through knives and narrower strips are made before being rewound.


The industrial paper roll cutter has made its way into this industry, but there are actually many more industries in which it can be developed.

 paper roll cutter

The industrial roll cutter lines have many advantages in terms of utility, as the machine has the ability to straighten, cut, unwind and rewind. Once the required cutting length is reached, the machine can make the next cuts automatically, even the line speed can be adjusted.


The line works automatically, with precision measurement, efficient production, easy to operate, with quality performance and easy maintenance. It is perfect for companies that are committed to maximum production and require excellent quality.


What happens when you want to cut paper materials?

Cutting hard materials is not the same as cutting soft materials such as the paper. Although the soft material like paper may seem complicated to a newbie there are several methods to do so. Apart from paper, other common soft materials include plastic sheeting, textiles, and tape.


Blades with special characteristics are used to cut the paper, while another part of the machine takes care of crushing the material against a hard roller. The cutting blades can be adjusted to the desired width measurement. Some machines can produce many exit rollers at the same time. The slit material is rewound on the exit side of the machine.


This process turns out to be very convenient due to its low cost and excellent precision. It is usually used for mass production. Some machines have a special program that monitors the activities of the blades and also sharpens the blades from time to time to maintain the quality and precision of the cut.


These types of machines can generally incorporate automation to control the precision in the tension of materials, the position of the slitting knives, the cores on which the different materials are wound and to reduce as much as possible the manual handling of the rolls.

To ensure efficiency cutting for your business, it is also important to make sure you acquire high quality industrial paper roll cutter from reputable suppliers. We are here to provide you with the machine equipment to set your business running. Contact us.

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