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Fix on Packing Technologies,Be the Best Corrugated Paper Rotary Cutter Manufacturer

For most of corrugated paper cutting machine manufacturers,they are solving the packing problems faced by world trade life.So if you aim at the changes of world packing technology,there is no doubt you will be the best manufacturer of corrugated roll paper cutting machines.


Nowadays,Not so widely adopted in India, what are the challenges for end-of- the-line packaging automation and what do packagers seek?


The goods and services tax (GST) is set to be rolled out later this year. The implementation of GST will lead to more and more products travelling longer distances in transit, passing through several weather zones. In such a scenario, packaging will need to withstand many more challenges.

The rise in modern trade has lead to many high-value SKUs of FMCG items reaching multitude of stores. These segments report shrinkage of more than 6% to around 30-50% in transit. Modern trade also implies smarter movement of goods within the store – palletisation, mechanised movement, vertical stacking. All these will test the durability of the sealing of shipper cartons.

The durability of shipper cartons and corrugated paper board is up to the machine that is used to manufactured them.YYS roll paper cutting machines are Specialized for roll paper cutting in packing industry,like kraft paper,coated paper,woodfree,tissue paper ect.It has more than one advantages,firstly, it is a machine with high degree of automation,and is safety for operator;second but the most important,it can make the shipper cartons and box boards with smooth surface,which will have the good durability in future use.

To know more corrugated paper box board packing industry information,please go to the YYS Machinery.

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