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How Can I Recycle Corrugated Paper Dust?

Just as wood dust, which is a product of cutting, drilling, grinding and sanding from wood, the sawdust forms an essential raw material for the manufacture of other products. What it takes is the right machine to do the job. The sawdust is composed of fine particles of wood and, as such can be used in making the particleboard. Other applications of the fine sawdust can be seen in the manufacture of animal bedding materials.

Here, we’d be looking at the various steps in recycling the paper dust.

Let’s get started!

Sawdust Baler

An overview of the paper dust recycling

The recycling process of paper dust involves the mixing of the dust with chemicals and water which helps in breaking down the entire component. The next thing is to chop up into finer particles and to convert them into strands of cellulose. The resulting mixture known as slurry or pulp is then strained through screens. This is done to remove any plastics or glue which may still be present. Other processes such as bleaching help to clean up the mixture before it is made into new recycled paper.

Baling/packing of the sawdust

After the fine sawdust has been generated, is not always easy to recycle or transport the bulk without proper packing technique. This is where the sawdust baler comes in. It is a very important machine used in packing and baling the corrugated paper dust and for transporting the same to the point where it will be recycled into the paper rolls.

The sawdust packing machine has become popular as the most important machine in the entire sawdust recycling process. The sawdust packing machine is very useful in compressing the sawdust into a bale. It also bags the bale to enable easy transportation. Before transportation, the sawdust bale can be scale-weighed using the scale-weighing bailing and bagging machine. It depends on your choice.

After the recycling process is completed, the next thing is to cut into sizes. 

paper roll cutting machine


The next thing that follows after making the paper roll is cutting into the required sizes. There are good solutions to this process. One of them is the paper roll cutting machine. A typical example of the roll cutting machine is the jumbo roll paper cutting machine.

With the increasing number of manufacturers in the market, it may become difficult to choose the right paper roll cutter suppliers for your business. However, there are essential things to look out for when making your choice of a supplier, which will help you in selecting the best for your business. One of them is the competence of the supplier. An ideal supplier should be able to show good previous experience in the manufacture of a roll cutter machine. Look out for reviews from customers who have dealt with the company in the past. Doing so will give you a clue of what you’re going to experience.

A reliable paper roll cutter supplier will guarantee top quality and standard products, which is required for any jumbo paper roll cutting business. 

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