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How Does An Automatic Paper Cutting Machine Promotes An Eco-Friendly Culture

Do you want your office to be an eco-friendly environment? Here are 4 ways in which an automatic paper cutting machine can help you achieve that.

The amount of wood and paper product that Americans throw away each year is enough to heat 50,000,000 homes for 20 years.

Even scarier, one billion trees' worth of paper is thrown away every year.

Businesses can do a lot to minimize their environmental impact, and it starts with paper. Paper is essential to business yet widely undervalued.

An automatic paper cutting machine can be a green tool for your business. Here are four ways that it can help promote an eco-friendly office culture.


How Is an Automatic Paper Cutting Machine Eco-friendly?

While you can't cut paper out of your business, you can cut it more efficiently and save paper in the long run.

In a world where deforestation is happening every day all around us, every step counts. Here are four reasons why this machine can help your business be more eco-friendly.


You Buy it for Life

Your manual paper cutting machine won't stay in great shape.

You regularly have to sharpen or replace blades, and those costs add up. Not only is replacing the blade regularly expensive, but it's also wasteful, as those blades are usually tossed into landfills. It's difficult to find a recycling program for stainless steel, which is what manual paper cutting blades are usually made of.

A paper cutting machine is heavy-duty, with a durable and long-lasting blade that will last and generate less blade waste. To send fewer blades and cheap manual paper cutting machines to a landfill, switch to an automatic paper cutting machine.

 paper cutting machine.webp

It Saves Paper

Your paper cutting machine will wear with heavy use. This means poor cuts, uneven cuts, fraying paper edges, and even having to replace entire print jobs.

Mistakes add up, especially on more expensive papers and cardstock. If you're finding that you're having to toss a lot of paper away due to a malfunctioning manual paper cutter, it's time to upgrade and put your old machine out to pasture.

You'll cut down on hassle and save paper.


You Can Use Scratch Paper

You can use your new automatic paper cutter to make even-sized scratch paper. Instead of buying hundreds of notepads for your business, implementing scratch paper can help cut down on the demand for new paper products. You'll inevitably have a few extra inches on a poster or project or a print job that turned out wrong, and instead of immediately tossing it, use your paper cutter.

Or better yet, take shredded or scratch paper and feed it to a PaperLab, which generates new sheets of paper from the paper fibers you feed it.


It Shows Company Eco-Friendly Initiative

When you bring in your new automatic paper cutting machine, and explain how it will both make your employees' lives easier and be an eco-friendly product, your employees will appreciate it. They'll be more conscious of the paper they use every day, and will love to test out the new machine to make scratch paper.

Just getting into the eco-friendly mindset is enough to snowball the movement within a workplace and make some big changes towards a greener workplace.


In the bottom

An automatic paper cutting machine can be a great eco-friendly tool for the workplace, cutting down on paper waste and sending fewer blades and cutters to a landfill. If you are looking for a paper cutting machine supplier, please contact me immediately.

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