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How long is the maintenance cycle of the paper saw machine?

The maintenance cycle of the paper saw machine usually includes two aspects: daily maintenance and regular maintenance. The specific maintenance cycle may vary depending on the model of paper saw, as well as the environment and frequency of use. Here are some general guidelines:

Daily maintenance

1) Daily inspection: The operator should check every day whether the screws are loose and off, check whether the belt is good and too loose, and add oil to the lifting screw to maintain its flexibility.

2) Cleaning: Workers who use the saw machine every day should carefully check and clean the outer surface of the saw machine, keep it dry and clean, and scrub it regularly with a soft cloth or rinse it directly with water

Periodic maintenance

1) Monthly maintenance: at least once a month for secondary maintenance, including checking the parts of the bearing damage, flywheel swing, motor insulation to the ground is good, the frame is stable, and wear, deformation of the parts for precision maintenance, adjustment, if necessary, external repair.

Special note

1) Saw blade inspection: The saw blade is the core part of the paper saw machine, and the saw blade should be checked, repaired, replaced and sharpened regularly. If the surface wear of the saw blade is large, there are small cracks and the blade teeth are reduced, the cutting ability of the saw machine will be weakened, and even lead to equipment failure.

2) Lubrication system maintenance: The sawing machine must be fully lubricated to ensure the smooth movement of each component and reduce friction. The correct lubrication system can reduce the wear and tear of the components and extend the service life of the paper sawing machine.

3) Tank cleaning and maintenance: enough lubricating oil should be stored in the plastic tank (or metal tank) in the paper saw machine, and it should be cleaned in time after use to ensure that it is clean and clean, and to prevent the contamination of lubricating oil with foreign bodies.

Maintain the machine according to the corresponding paper saw model and the specific instructions in the user manual to ensure the best performance and extend the service life of the device. If you have any other questions, it is recommended to consult a professional technical support or manufacturer for more detailed maintenance guidelines.

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