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How many square meters are needed for the external wiring of the car paper saw machine

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, including the power of the paper saw machine, operating voltage, current, and the length and laying of the cable. Usually, you need to calculate the required current based on the rated power of the paper saw machine, and then determine the required wire cross section area based on the current and operating voltage.

For example, if the power rating of the paper saw is 37 kW (kW) and the operating voltage is 380 volts (V), then the required wire cross section area can be calculated as follows: First calculate the current (I) : Power (P) is equal to the voltage (V) times the current (I), that is, I = P/V. So, I = 37 kW / 380 V = 97.37 A (ampere).

Then select the cross-sectional area of the wire according to the current and the ambient temperature of the wire laying. For example, if the wire is laid indoors, and the ambient temperature is low, you can choose a smaller wire section area; If it is laid in a high temperature environment or the cable is long, a larger cross-section area needs to be selected to reduce voltage drop and heat.

The specific wire area should be determined with strict reference to local electrical codes or standards. Different regions may have different regulations, it is recommended to consult a professional electrical engineer or consult the relevant electrical engineering manual.

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