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How to ensure the molding quality of corrugated cartons

The economy is subjected to change or welcome new business practices at certain times, and the introduction of the corrugated box industry has required its manufacturers to take calculated measures to ensure the quality of the boxes. The industry serves as a low-margin industry, which requires its manufacturers to develop a systematic quality control to make sure that high-quality boxes are being manufactured and distributed to it users. While the demand for corrugated cartons might be escalating or depreciating as per the demand of the customers, it is always important to keep track on the molding quality of the corrugated cartons.

The primary raw material required for the manufacturing of corrugated carton requires paper carton, and the paper cutter manufacturer is required to take the initiatives to ensure the quality of the boxes, which would be the finished product. The quality paper is required to go through the stages of compression strength, printing effects, carton compressive strength, and paper cutting machine to make sure that it meets the custom standards all at once. In addition, the custom standards are inclusion of the physical dimensions of the carton, name of the paper, and requirements of the weight, which plays a contributing role in molding the quality of corrugated cartons.

It is no wonder that the corrugated box industry has entered the world of competitiveness, which requires the paper cutter supplier to make sure that the boxes are delivered to their customers within the restricted time-frame, and they are also required to make sure that the quality of the corrugated boxes is unparalleled and unmatched. They are required to follow the given protocol to make ensure the molding quality of corrugated cartons:

Quality checking after printing

Once the printing is done, it will be evaluated by the QC staff to make sure that it meets the manufacturing standard.

Quality checking on each production line

At the end of the production, the QC staff should look into the finished products to make sure that there is no defected or subpar quality box in the production batch.

Remove defective boxes

If you find substandard corrugated cartons in the manufacturing batch, you should take an initiative to remove the defected carton before it reaches the delivery truck. It requires the manufacturers to use bundle ejection system along with a quality assurance system for the removal of the defective boxes from the production batch. In addition, you should implement a strict quality assurance system during the production of the papers, which eradicates the low-quality product from the batch, to improve the effectiveness of the production.

Make sure that the box is packed securely

You should make sure that the corrugated cartons are packed according to a standard procedure, and that it has been folded, glued, and printed without any errors. You should implement a vision inspection system into your procedure. The quality assurance contains three various components, which includes; identification of the non-conforming product, its removal from the manufacturing line, and keeping track on the statistical data to make sure that the plant operates without any glitch. If you find any defected box in the production batch, you should take an immediate action for its removal. 

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