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How to realize the operation of up and down paper after the circular saw cutting machine is finished

After the circular saw cutter completes the cutting operation, the realization of the upper and lower paper operation usually involves the coordination of mechanical devices. The specific way of operation may include the following steps:

1) Blade up and down motion mechanism: both sides of the blade are installed with the upper and lower rails, the two ends of the blade are connected with the connecting rod, and the foot pedal is installed below the connecting rod. When the foot pedal is pressed, the blade drops; After releasing the pedal, the blade rises under the pull of the spring.

2) Adjustment of the paper pusher: the up and down movement of the paper pusher is generally not adjustable, but the upper tooth plate of the paper pusher can be manually adjusted. When the paper is placed, the paper pusher needs to be pushed to the proper starting position so that the paper can smoothly enter the cutting area.

3) Operation of program-controlled paper cutting machine: For program-controlled paper cutting machine with microcomputer control system, pushing paper and cutting work are automatically controlled by the machine, without manual intervention. When operating, first turn on the power, select the appropriate program, and then put in the paper, open the switch to start automatic cutting. In the process of use, it is necessary to choose the appropriate pressure and cutting Angle according to different materials.

4) Safety precautions: When operating the circular saw cutting machine, ensure that the photoelectric protection switch works normally to avoid danger during machine repair, adjustment, refueling, cleaning and inspection. At the same time, when starting the machine, you should pay attention to the surrounding environment to ensure that no one approaches the machine to prevent accidents.

The above information combines multiple sources to provide you with basic guidance on the operation of a circular saw cutter. In actual operation, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines to ensure the safety and accuracy of the operation.

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