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How to use corrugated paper cutting machine safely?

The safety operation of the  roll paper  cutting machine is divided into 8 steps:

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1. Open the electrical isolation switch (set in front of the electric control cabinet), press the EMERCENCY STOP RESET and the READY TO RUN button, and the key will open the MACHINE TO RUN (main operating table) TO check the voltage (380V), whether the current is correct and stable.

2. Turn on the hydraulic power switch (set on the main hydraulic drive rack) to check whether the oil level and pressure gauge of the main hydraulic drive system are correct and stable.

3. Open the pneumatic cut-off valve (set in the air inlet of the pneumatic control cabinet) to check whether the air pressure is correct (not less than 6.0bar) and stable.

Set control

1. Set the cutting menu of film type, thickness, length and width according to the plan.

2. Refer to the corresponding BOPP film files from PDF.

3. Set the winding length and width of the corresponding specification film.

4. Select the corresponding winding station, adjust the roller arm and roller, and install the paper core of the corresponding specification.

Upper material, film and membrane

1. Upper material: according to the cutting plan order requirements, in accordance with the operating rules of driving, according to the actual situation, in the time frame hanging take corresponding volume, according to the inside and outside of the corona to choose direction on rolling rack cutting machine, and the control button clamping steel core, leaving steel reinforced bracket and driving.

2. Wear film: when the film is not film on the cutting machine, it must be perforated. With the cutting machine and the function key, the original film end is attached to the perforated link eye, and the membrane button is started, so that the membrane is distributed along the cutting process to smooth and distributed on each roll.

3. Membrane: when film cutting machine, roll joints, using vacuum membrane machine, film machine start to work position, first artificial roll slitting machine traction on the upper film flattening and start the vacuum pump membrane, the membrane formation of adsorption on the membrane on the stage, with double-sided tape and cut tape under the redundant membrane, will put a roll of film flattening on the shelf and start the lower vacuum pump membrane formation of adsorption, with tape on adhesive paper layer and smooth film, joint to tidy, no wrinkle, and then turn off the vacuum pump up and down, will meet membrane open to working position.

Start up operation

1. Change the specification, and the inner and outer winding arm can be put into the paper core. When the roller is in the running preparation state, all personnel will be informed to leave the machine and ready to run.

2. Put anti-staic BARS on the main operating table in AUTO, READY TO RUN, and start the MACHINE RUN.

Cutting control

In the process of dividing and cutting, carefully monitor and observe the operation of the cutting effect, and adjust and control the cutting speed, tension, contact pressure, curved roller, side material drawing roller, guide edge and so on.


1. When the inner and outer ends are closed, the machine stops running, and the membrane is placed on the prepared unloading vehicle, and the film is cut off and glued to the membrane.

2. Use the clamping head to release the card head, check whether the core of each film roll is out of the paper core, and if one end is stuck on the paper core, manually remove the film coil manually.

3. After making sure that all the films leave the clamps and put them on the trolley, use the film button to lift the winding arm, install the corresponding paper core, and attach the film to the paper core, and make the next cut.


1. When the film roll is running to the set length, the device will stop automatically.

2. During the operation of the equipment, please press MACHINE STOP as required.

3. Press the MACHINE STOP button more than 2S when it is necessary to STOP quickly.

4. EMERGENCY STOP should be used when EMERGENCY situations such as equipment or man-made accidents occur.


1. Ensure that the voltage, current and hydraulic equivalent are correct and stable before starting.

2. Before the equipment is ready to run, all personnel must inform the equipment to leave the equipment and ensure the safety of the person before starting the operation.

3. When the cutting machine is running, do not touch the film roll or roll core in the operation with the hand, so as not to involve the hand in causing personal injury.

4. During operation, avoid cutting and cutting the core of each roll with a knife or hard object.

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