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Is the advanced roll paper saw machine promoted in your country

It was reported that U.S. total boxboard production in July 2016 decreased 2.5% when compared to July 2015,the main reason for decrease is because those advanced roll paper saw machine has not got promoted.So how about the roll paper saw machine’s situation in your country?


In China,as we all know,boxboard is the product,manufactured by roll paper saw machine,if productivity of boxboard want to be increased,we must get the advanced roll paper saw machine promoted,because there are many advantages push us to do this promotion.

paper roll saw.webp 

A high degree of automation,and safety for operator;

Smooth and perfect cutting surface; 

Paper recycling ratio arrives at 95%;
All the components for the machine are durable;
Special models can be customized according to paper roll size.


So if you do not want the boxboard productivity to be decreased,please make more effort to improve the quality of roll paper saw machine,like YYS Paper Cutting Machinery.

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