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Major And Additional Features Of A Paper Slitting Machine

The productivity of any company is directly determined by the nature and state of equipment used during production. 

paper slitting machine

Paper slitting machine is one of the most popular choices for slitting quality paper rolls. In fact, paper slitting machine works at high speed, and suitable for stretchy and slippery materials. 

Besides, paper sitting machines are well-designed machines that have accurate dimensions, speed, free from corrosion, and durable. A good paper slitting machine efficient and effective work delivery within a short period. 

The choice of paper slitting machine is something one must be intentional for the best experience. To choose the best paper slitting machine, a reliable and experienced paper slitting machine manufacturer is very necessary. 

Read on as we look at different things that will enable you to choose the best paper slitting machine for your company. 

Key features of Paper Slitting Machine 

Two Rewinding Shafts

Paper slitting machine has two rewinding shafts that are carried on swinging arms. The shafts are center-driven through the adjustable slipping clutch.

Separate Slip Assembly 

There is a separate slip assembly that enables the paper slipping machine to operate with different slip assembly for individual slit reels.

Versatile in use

The paper slitting machine is one of the most versatile models that provide a combination of both surface rewind system and duplex center. This makes it suitable for different materials without the addition of sophisticated accessories. 

Counter Balance System

The counterbalance system in the paper slitting machine enables the adjustment of the pressure between the center drum and the rewind reels.

Adjustable Slipping Clutch 

The adjustable slipping clutch supports the rewinding shafts that are carried on swinging arms. This enables the machine to operate at a constant speed with high accuracy.

Suitable For Stretchy And Slippery Material 

The Paper slitting machine is well designed to work perfectly with stretchy and slippery materials. It is also good for off caliper material. The machine operates with constant line speed that causes a consistent tension roll. 

Accurate Dimension 

The machine operates with constant slit rolls without flaws through the provision of center-driver a drum to regulate it. There is a fixed minimum distance between the rewind point and the slitting. 

Durable And Easy To Maintain 

Paper slitting machine is designed with quality materials that are very durable without much maintenance. The operation of the machine is simple and works with high speed with accuracy.

Meets Customer requirement

The Paper slitting machine is versatile and suitable for different customer requirements. The slitting methods that customers require maybe a razor blade or scissor cut slitting system.

Additional Optional attachments 

There are optional attachments that you can attach to the paper slitting machine. Some of them are:

Pneumatic system for Brake

The auto-tension control system for unwind unit

The digital line edge protective system 

The Pneumatic lifter 


Paper Slitting Machine is very suitable for slitting quality paper rolls with high speed, accuracy, and precision within a short duration of time. 

A good paper slitting machine delivers a quality job that meets the specification of customers. To make the best choice of this equipment, a reliable and experienced paper slitting machine manufacturer is very necessary, and this will enable you to get a paper slitting machine that has the above features. 

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