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New Paper Roll Cutting Machine without Slitter Rewinder

New Paper Jumbo Roll Cutting Machine China

YYS,developing so many years in roll paper cutting and packing industry,we often heard the customer complaints about their slitter rewinder:it's slow,it causes bottlenecks and sometimes,it does not work……knowing about the drawback of paper roll cutting machine,YYS designed and developed the new type of paper roll cutting machine.Now we are pround to say to our customers,we have a new cost effective way to cutting corrugated paper!


There is a sharp blade equipped on the advanced paper roll cutting machine,it can maintain your original plant wind after cutting , the machine operation is controlled by PLC system,a single cut takes only about three minutes depending on the roll – which means you can cut up to four rolls an hour if you need .This will greatly improve the production capacity.Besides,there will not be web breaks during operation as long as you did not disturb the cutting process manually.So the new kind of paper roll cutter from YYS will discrease the paper dust waste,the paper recycling ratio has got to 95%, and then save you more money.


Paper Roll Cutting Machine Working Video

Many of our potential customers will ask how does the new machine work,and we have a roll paper cutting machine working video to show them.From this video,you can see how the paper roll to sheet cutting machine works apparently.

To see if  YYS is a fit for your plant,please contact us and send your short inquiry!https://www.yys-machinery.com/contactus.html

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