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Norms be followed in Operating Paper Cutting Machines

First check the paper cutting machine, do a good job cleaning, each oil hole filled with lubricants.


Second, after the first check the photoelectric protection switch is normal, reliable, try empty knife three times, observe whether the knife, such as the problem, should be

When excluded.


Third, the machine is runningthought must be concentrated, while at the same time do not do things with nothing to do, so as not to disperse the energy. The cutter does not allow two people to operate at the same time.


Fourth, when the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the machine, if the failure is strictly prohibited by hand grab paper, should immediately stop in the cutter did not return


When the installation is stopped, it is forbidden to reach out and prevent injury or accident.


Fifth, the material or cut the finished product is strictly prohibited high operation, check the size of the correct before the knife, when the knife blade with a blunt, should immediately replace the blade.Not intermittent use, so as to avoid heavy machine damage caused by the machine.


Sixth, adjust and replace the cutter, you must stop and use the handle bolt for tool change. After the installation must be manually swing up and down to confirm the correct transfer. Cut the knife cut the foot line,Should first increase the paper cutter.And then from shallow to deep and careful adjustment of good footsteps and then tighten the safety screw before use.


Seventh, paper cutting machine maintenance: butter hole rails and other activities at least half months plus butter once a day must wipe the machine surface dirt and use the wind blown surface debris, dust,Including electric boxes, motors and so on, Cleaning the job garbage, keep the equipment, post clean.And keep the Hydraulic oil to be changed for half a year.


YYS,as a professional manufacturer of industrial paper roll cutting machine, we keep absorbing high technology into manufacturing process, in order to provide secure, easy to operate and quality paper cutting machines.

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