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Operating technology of corrugated board slitting machine

Paper slitting machines are used all around the world due to the popular demand for paper in various industries. They are very much in demand for packaging industries because the packaging is essential for almost all the things that we buy from the market. The operating technology of corrugated board slitting machines is a complex thing to understand but if you ever need a paper slitting machine, contact the China paper slitting machine factory. They have got an extensive range of paper slitting machines. Starting from a professional paper reel cutting machine, they can facilitate you with paper roll cutting machines and paper slitting machines. The China paper slitting machine factory manufactures the machinery that can be used to cut the corrugated roll paper, wormed roll paper, and soaked roll paper. This paper cutting happens with different width, speed, and efficiency depending on the size of the machine. To understand the operating technology of corrugated board slitting machines, here we are going to breakdown the process.

The corrugator: A corrugator is basically a set of different machines that are designed together to set up a three to seven sheets of paper for the continuous process in China paper slitting machine factory.

corrugated board slitting machines

There are three keys stages of corrugator which include:

1- Gluing the ends of different paper rolls so that there is a continuous process

2- Gluing the outside ends to make a rigid board

3- Cutting of paper board to its desired size

So basically, three layers of paper sheet are unrolled on the corrugator at the same time. The medium sheet is known as flute so when this sheet is pressed under heat through the bumpy metal sheets, it takes the shapes of flutes. These flutes are then applied with starch on the ends to attach it with the outer liner and inner liner. Eventually, it takes the shape of a flat board. But it can be converted into a different finished product because of packaging. The packaging process will further include printing, dyeing, folding, and gluing among other things all according to the customer’s demands.


This process of packaging and cutting could prolong the duration period based on workload. Whatever you required can be printed on the paper. Recent trends include flexographic print and digital printing because they are so convenient.

Dyeing, folding and gluing

Most of these corrugated containers are manufactured on the Flexo-Folder-Gluer (FFG) machines. That allows the combination of activities such as printing, dire cutting, folding, and gluing. Some paper slitting machines do these activities separately and for that there are different machines.

The China paper slitting machine factory offers quality machines that are reliable to handle the bulk work and require a little maintenance over time. If the machines are built with international quality standards, they are supposed to last longer, reduce the operational cost, and only require skilled labor to manage the work. Whereas if you have a cheap quality machine, it will take more power, extra efforts to buy the spare parts and cutting blades over time.

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