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Packing introduction of paper cutting machine

Recently, our company has completed an order. The workers are packing paper cutting machine to the customer's location. Our company attaches great importance to the customer's experience and satisfaction, so we have high requirements for the packaging of machinery. High-quality equipment packaging will make the machine more secure during transportation. Next, let us introduce our packaging:

paper cutting machine

1. After the factory inspection of the paper cutting machine is completed, the machine is cleaned up and disassembled, ready for packaging and installation.

A. Small tools and other random gifts are packed in cartons, placed near the electronic control box of the machine, and then wrapped with winding film together with the main part of the machine.

B. The paper holder part of the machine is wrapped with winding film together with the built-in suction pipe.

C. The spare blade is packed with a protective cover for the blade head and wrapped in paper and installed in iron and wooden boxes.


2. In order to facilitate customer unloading, the lighter part of the machine should be loaded first.

Loading sequence is: machine parts (external suction outlet) – – Paper Holder – – spare blade – – paper foam baler – – the main part of paper cutter


3. After loading, steel wire rope and hook are used to fix the container inside, and air bag is used to fill the gap, so as to prevent the machine from being impacted during shipping.

paper cutting machine




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