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Paper and pulp prices have big difference

Relative to the base paper prices in second half of this year. paper pulp prices are staged with very different market. Since 2010, the Chinese market pulp prices continue to fall, 2016 is down to the lowest price, the current price of paper pulp remained at 4,200 yuan / ton up and down. what about 2017 paper pulp market supply situation?

Let's take a look at 2017  and what's the new paper pulp production capacity. At the end of this December, the second 1.4-million-ton capacity pulp line will be put into production at OKI Group's (APP) OKI paper pulp mill. Prior to the end of October, another 1.4 million tons capacity paper pulp production line put into 



2016, December 9, renewable materials company Stora Enso Group in Guangxi, China held a grand North Sea bleaching plant hot chemical mechanical pulp production line (BCTMP) the official production ceremony. It is reported that the production line with an annual capacity of up to 20 million tons.

A little earlier, in late July, 275,000 tonnes of bleached filament paper pulp capacity was added to the Vod pulp plant in Sodra, Sweden, to expand capacity to 700,000 tonnes / year.

China's paper pulp demand in 2017 may continue to decline, coupled with at least 3.275 million tons of new pulp production capacity, the world pulp market or the impact of the world's paper pulp market, there will be oversupply situation.

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