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Paper Roll to Roll Slitting Machine’s Performance and Characteristics

Paper Slitting machine is the paper processing equipment,which can slit the wide paper rolls into a wide range of different diameter rolls. The paper slitters are widely used in paper processing industry.

Paper Slitters' Performance and Features

1. Paper Slitter applies the PLC and touch screen control, magnetic clutch tension control, center coiling method.

2. The main machine is using frequency control. Can meter automatically, the alarm shut down. Tension figures are all displayed above the touch screen.

3. Unwinding using photoelectric automatic correction (or ultrasonic correction) to correct the paper tidy, so that irregular material can be cut normally.

4. Round knife (or straight knife) Slitting, waste automatic discharge device.

5. Manual (or pneumatic) feeding and unwinding shaft with tapered sleeve air shaft (3 "or 6").

6. Rewinding using A, B axis (inflatable).

Here we recommend you to see the paper slitters processing video.

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