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Precise Positioning Method of Paper Slitting Machine

Paper Roll Slitting Machine Operation Process

The paper roll slitting machine comprises a machine body, front and back workbenches, and the workbench is fixed on the machine body. The utility model is characterized in that the front workbench can be movably mounted on the machine body through a moving device. This kind of paper roll cutting machine separates the front and the rear worktops separately and utilizes the movable device of the front workbench to make a gap appeared between the front workbench and the back workbench so that the waste edge cut by the paper cutter can pass through the gap Directly, which can eliminate the unsafe factors of manual discharge, at the same time, improve the paper cutter cutting efficiency.

Precise Positioning Method of Intelligent Paper Slitting Machine

After entering the target position data and confirming, the computer will start the motor automatically, then the feeder can move to the target position at a high speed, next computer will automatically turn off the motor and start the brake to stop the feeder immediately.

Artificially push the hand wheel, rotate the hand wheel to fine tune the paper thruster, the computer judges the paper thrower to reach the target position, start the brake again, the brake locks the paper thruster automatically to realize the precise positioning.

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