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Precision Paper Saw Replaces Slitter Rewinder for Roll Cut-downs

The slitter/rewinder in your plant has seen better days. As slitting machines go, it probably does the job, but new technology has finally arrived that outperforms your existing paper slitting machine by numbers so impressive, they're impossible to ignore. YYS is the superior technology for high-precision roll sawing that delivers speed, quality, performance, and cost savings.

Fast, high-precision roll sawing

When you cut down rolls with band saw, you are keeping the original roll intact – which means you're not compromising the plant wind, so the original plant core is still in place. The converted rolls will have better registration, fewer web breaks (99.99966% of rolls met runability and printability standards while on press), and you’ll keep sheet orientation, too. All this is done at speeds you couldn’t even consider with a slitter/rewinder machine. With the latest paper roll slitting machine, a single cut takes only three minutes. Consider what that could mean at your plant – have you ever imagined processing 3, 4 or even more rolls in a single hour? You can achieve as much as 300 percent more throughput over the paper slitters for roll cut-downs.

new paper roll cutting machine with blade.webp

High performance and flexibility

YYS can handle any size roll, and can help you achieve prime market pricing on every roll in your plant – even broken rolls or rolls with wet damage can be salvaged and sold at market pricing. Why? Because these rolls are not considered “reworked”, “rewound” or carry the stigma of being altered by a slitter rewinder. Since there's no setup time between rolls or orders, you can intermix orders all day. 

Lower cost – higher profit

YYS new paper roll slitting machine has the lowest operating cost per ton – go from $65st to under $10st as you begin operating. Your labor costs can shrink from $18st to $4.98st. You’ll even save on power – It requires a lot less power than your slitter/rewinder. A study of energy costs showed paper roll cutting machine without rewinder operates at $0.13 / ton compared to $2.53 / ton for a slitter rewinder.

As you begin to increase efficiency, you’ll also realize that you’re making more money. Salvaging more rolls, giving sales much more to work with, and extra production capacity are all features you’ll enjoy, but you can also deliver quick turnaround on orders – giving you a competitive edge over your competition.

Imagine transforming your plant

YYS can do this in tandem with your current slitter. Take a few minutes to map out an average day at your plant, imagining that you've got a YYS paper slitting machine to assist with converting rolls and cut-downs. Use this kind of machine for those jobs, and keep your slitter/rewinders available for jobs where the core size needs to be changed, or where you need to make diameter changes. Are you beginning to see how your day can change – and how you can clear out that bottleneck?

That's what YYS can do for your plant. We’d be happy to talk with you about how to transform your plant and your everyday work life.Interested? Please contact us now!

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