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Safety Directives For Paper Roll Cutter

A paper roll cutting machine is a machine used in factories and industries for cutting paper that is manufactured in a roll paper mode, which winds back till it runs out.


This machine is used all through the industrial plain and can cut the paper into specified forms that have been entered into the machine.


This cutting machine can cut diverse width rolls of paper and also provide on-site paper roll cutting processing services. Also, the machine operator needs to be cautious while operating the machine, as a negligent attitude could be dangerous.


It is extensively used in newspaper cutting, printing and packaging factory, paper mill factory, and more.


Therefore, if you need to buy a paper roll cutter, endeavor to patronize a well thought of manufacturer for a certified product.


Operating instructions of paper roll cutting machine

The operating rules of a paper cutter includes:

o The machine operator must be accustomed to the safety points of the cutting machine and its performance.

o Always check if the machine's photoelectric protection switch is normal and stable before setting the machine in motion.

o Avoid placing objects or other tools on top of the paper cutting machine.

o Before operating the machine, operators must tighten their cuffs, wear appropriate work clothes, and prohibit slippers, long hair, pieces of jewelry, and skirts.

o While repairing, checking, or adjusting the cutter, it is essential to close the main power supply as expected.

o Fill the lubricating parts of the machine with lubricating oil and pay attention to the surroundings to see if there are other upkeep before starting the machine.

o Do a proper check on the emergency stop buttons, machine operation, safety devices, centralized lubrication system, and other parts.

o If the blade is blunt, it should be changed immediately. A blunted blade cannot be used constantly as it could overstrain the machine and damage some machine parts.

o Prohibit the simultaneous operation of two people as well as sick or alcoholic workers.

o Daily maintenance of the paper roll cutting machine would help lengthen the machine's longevity.

 paper roll cutter

Safety operation guidelines of paper roll cutter

Safety cover configuration

Paper roll cutter is mostly operated by many people. Hence, safety cover is essential as it helps prevent mistakes triggered by multiplayer operatives which could lead to casualties.


The purpose of the safety cover is to ensure the paper cutter motor will fail to work when the safety hood is opened.


Cutting blade precaution

It is normal to replace a paper cutter blade but replacing it could also be dangerous.


A knife holder is used to change the blade of the machine and also ensures the blade edge is closed before it can function. The blades should be kept in a safe place to prevent them from harming people.


Safety brake device

A paper cutter brake device mustn't use the circuit brake device because if there is a power failure, the circuit brake device will trigger the sliding tool phenomenon, which is hazardous.

 paper roll cutter

Thus, the paper cutter brake device should use mechanical brakes because once circuit fault occurs, the motor will be locked. Installing a brake device is very important as it helps protect the operator's safety.


Patronize us for an optimum roll paper cutter

Using a paper roll cutter enables you to cut back large amounts of paper loss because the technology is accurate with little or no error. It also has safety covers that help prevent any form of casualties. Kindly click here to place an order for a highly technological machine.

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