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The Influence Of Blade On Equipment Can Not Be Ignored

The production efficiency of the paper cutter can greatly be affected by the sharpness and service life of the circular saw blade. The life and effect of the tool depend on the following factors, such as the shape and angle of the grinding tool, the material for making the tool, the type of material being cut and the quality of the grinding tool.

When referring to the roll paper , its technical performance is compared with that at home and abroad. In knife-making material, the material of knife blade should be chromium tungsten manganese steel with high hardness, and the knife body can be made of low carbon steel. If the saw blade is of high quality, it can achieve certain hardness after excessive extraction treatment.

cutting machine

Roll Paper cutting machine


Suitable for all types of fabrics and fabrics (cotton, linen, silk, polyester, acrylic, lycra, nylon, polyamide, plush, denim, leather, stretch, 3D or tridimiensional fabric), non-woven and felt (TST, non-woven fabric , TNT, nonwoven), vinyl, banners, canvas, fiberglass …

The system of adjustment of the cradle of rollers, with adjustable separation, allows a perfect seat of the material to be cut from the smallest diameters to the largest

The roll cutter is specially equipped with a sharpener built into the cutting head for easy and convenient sharpening whenever required.

In the same way, a blade lubrication system is integrated that allows the cutting of fusible or materials that can melt, such as non-woven (TST, non-woven fabric, TNT, nonwoven), polypropylene, polyester and plastic materials.

It also incorporates a measuring device that tells us the exact position of the cutting head to make a precise cut without the need for external measuring elements.

On the shape and angle of the sharpening tool, if the angle of the sharpening edge on the tool is relatively small, its blade will be sharper. Therefore, when the tool material is permitted, the grinding angle should be as small as possible.

The quality of the sharpening knife depends mainly on the technical level of the operator. If the quality of the touch is relatively high, the longer it can be used, the longer it will be.

At the same time, the comfort in the loading and unloading of the rolls, makes the pre-cutting and post-cutting times are reduced to a minimum.

For printing plants, roll paper cutters are necessary machinery. They are used to cut paper before and after printing. 

The paper cutter is easy to operate and has no special requirements for the environment. It can work normally as long as the power supply is supplied. After using the paper cutter for a long time, there will be some problems more or less, such as the inactivity of the paper cutter, the abnormal noise, the inactivity of the paper pusher and so on. Some users reported to us that when a new paper cutter was cut, the circular saw blade would collapse.

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