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The internal structure of the paper cutting machine

The paper cutting machine is mainly composed of saw blades, machine rack, working cylinder, machine base, auxiliary table, hydraulic system, electrical system and other parts. The base under the paper cutting machine is fitted with nylon or soft lead plate to maintain the blade of the saw blade. When cutting the paper tube, use a forklift to place the paper tube on the bracket below the saw blade, then press the start button, and the saw blade falls along the slide on the machine rack driven by the piston rod to cut the paper tube. The machine rack is equipped with upper and lower limit switches to control the reversing valve to change the direction of the saw blade movement, at the same time, they can also maintain the cap of the piston cylinder.

The full servo band saw cutting machine is equipped with planetary cross cutting blades, using hydraulic pressure to cut the rolled paper tube into multiple small paper width tubes, 2mm paper loss is suitable for multi-type paper tube slitting. The operation process is very safe, large production, high production efficiency, and it has full automation and continuity in the production process.

Besides, we have hydraulically driven cutting machine, NC band saw cutting machine, pneumatic driven cutting machine, and the cutting machine that can cutting and trimming the paper tube in advance to start the next process etc. The paper cutting machine’s  cutters are specially designed, and it has automatic temperature control heating function, when cutting the paper tube, there will be no uneven end face, paste face and so on.

The paper cutting machine is able to quickly cut paper tube, rolled paper and all kings of paper tubes in winter at temperatures above -20℃ without requiring a heating machine (this is the cold saw cutting machine completely unavailable) . Stable performance, high consumption rate, low paper loss and it takes less manpower and material to cut, carry and storage paper tubes.

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