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The Latest Paper Roll Slitting Machine 2017

An outstanding company is a continuously innovative unit,constantly aiming to bring customers the greatest value, increased profits. Only in this way,enterprises can be developed continuously.Here YYS has set up a great example for us,because they keep innovation and manufactured the latest paper roll slitting machine 2017.

Considering the customers' daily increasing demand, in line with the principle of energy saving, YYS  new paper roll cutting machine has the following highlights:

1.The cutting loss is only two millimeters, good stability of the blade,no extra waste.

2.The blade thickness is only two millimeters,when cutting the paper,less dust produced, no dust.

3.Only need 5-8 minutes to cut a complete paper roll, without rewinder,save more time.

4.The jumbo paper roll can be automatically up and down by the original paper holder,which decreased the reliance to the car driver's experience and technology.Deformed paper rolls can also be slitted.

5.Infrared automatic positioning, the error is only 1 millimeter.

6.Machine design with high precision, high safety factor, cutting more perfect, no steps, no pattern, no flash, no black adhesion.

7.High-quality alloy steel cutter, long service life. Blade price is only worthy of one thousand dollars, later the blade replacement cost is low.

8.The band saw blade is light, one person can complete the blade replacement within 10 minutes!

Knowing so many points of the new slitting machine's advantage,let's watch an video to see how does it operate in practice.

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