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The Operational Principle of Paper Roll Cutting Machine

The industrial paper cutting machine is divided into two kinds: single blade  the double blades cutter,The flat blade cutter is a movable blade on the platform, and the size of the paper will be cut again. Used to cut large sheets of paper into small pieces of paper.A device that cuts into flat paper in the paper industry. 

1,The principle of the roll paper cutting machine is the "scissor" principle, but the term is the paper cutting machine

2, The roll paper is not cut straight down, but diagonally cut

3,The paper roll saw is driven by a pair of hydraulic cylinders (or cylinders)

4, the paper has a front push plate to control the width of the paper

5,The paper cutting machine is controlled by computer nowadays

Automatic roll paper cutting machine is working with Motor pulley and belt pulley with electronic clutch, clutch with a blade, oil pressure cylinder and cylinder with a pull rod, tie rod pulling pressure paper down cutting knife.

paper cutting machine

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