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The Wide Use of Thermal Paper Slitting/Slitter Machine

Today i want to recommend our hot product Thermal paper slitting/slitter machine to all of you, This product are widely used in paper mill, packaging and printing factory. It looks same as normal sitter, but no need rewinder, which save time. Not only can used in your factory for cut different width paper rolls, but also can provide on-site roll paper cutting processing services, This machine can cut the paper rolls which is soaked, wormed, bigger or special specification according to customer demands, also including the kraft paper, corrugated paper, white card etc.
Thermal paper slittingslitter machine
Our products are of high degree of automation,and safety for operator, they have smooth and perfect cutting surface;  Paper recycling ratio arrives at 95%; All the components for the machine are durable; Well after-sales service, Entire machine have two years warranty; Special models can be customized according to paper roll size. If you want to know more about our products, such as High speed roll paper cutting machine, Electric Paper Cutting Machine With Circular Saw Blade For Cutting Paper, etc. please feel free to contact us.
Electric Paper Cutting Machine With Circular Saw Blade For Cutting Paper

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