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What causes the paper foam press to not work after power

With the continuous improvement of the use of paper foam press, more and more customers reflect that the equipment will not work after power, the specific reason is unknown, today we will analyze the paper foam press does not work after power.

1) Power problem: Check whether the power plug is tightly inserted, whether the socket has electricity, whether the fuse is blown, and whether the power switch is turned on.

2) Circuit problems: Check whether the internal circuit is damaged, whether the wire is aging or broken, and whether the circuit board is short-circuited.

3) Sensor or switch failure: check whether all sensors and switches work properly, such as limit switches, pressure sensors, etc.

4) Hydraulic system problem: check whether the hydraulic system is leaking, whether the oil pump is working normally, and whether the oil circuit is blocked.

5) Mechanical parts stuck or damaged: Check whether the mechanical parts have foreign bodies stuck, gear, chain, bearing, etc., are worn or damaged.

6) Program setting problem: check whether the program setting of the control system is correct and whether the parameters are set properly.

7) Improper maintenance: failure to perform maintenance for a long time may lead to equipment performance degradation or failure.

Rectify the fault based on the preceding possible causes. If the fault cannot be resolved by yourself, contact professional after-sales maintenance personnel.

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