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What is the difference between four and two rounds of CNC band saw cutting machine?

Kunshan Youyuan Sheng Machinery Co., LTD, as a leading cutting machine manufacturer, offers two different types of CNC paper cutting machines: four-wheel and two-wheel automatic cutting machines. These machines differ in their features, usability, and efficiency.

Four-wheel CNC paper cutting machines have four wheels, and the wheels would move horizontally, and the blade would move up and down, allowing for more accurate cuts. They operate using a highly precise servo motor, allowing them to be able to cut paper rolls precisely, ensuring that each cut is uniform. Additionally, a four-wheel CNC paper cutting machine has an advanced computerized system that is programmed to make complex cuts, thereby reducing human errors. This type of machine is ideal for industrialscale cutting and high-volume production.

Two-wheel CNC paper cutting machines, on the other hand, have only two wheels and operate similar to a traditional manual paper cutting machine with an added automatic function. These machines can cut papers quickly up to a certain length, versatile in cutting different paper size, easy to operate, and requires less skilled labor. Two-wheel machines are more suitable for small-sized enterprises, where the production is relatively less-intensive and versatile cutting options are needed.

In conclusion, four-wheel CNC paper cutting machines offer a higher degree of precision, accuracy, flexibility in cutting a range of paper rolls and can handle high-volume productions. While two-wheel CNC paper cutting machines offer more versatile cutting options, they are relatively more affordable, and can easily operate with a minimal workforce. Therefore, the choice between the two types of CNC machines would depend on the needs of the business, the scale of production, and the desired level of accuracy.

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