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What is the reason why the saw blade of the band saw paper cutter breaks without any resistance?

There could be several reasons why the saw blade on your band saw paper sawing machine is breaking easily and without any resistance. First and foremost, it could be due to using a blade that is not suitable for the particular material you are cutting or for the speed of your machine. Using a blade with too few teeth or teeth that are too large can also cause breakage.

Another common reason for blade breakage is misalignment of the blade guides or wheels. The teeth of the blade should be properly aligned with the guides to prevent it from wobbling or bending, which can cause it to break easily. Uneven tension on the blade can also cause breakage.

Worn or damaged drive belts can also result in blade breakage, as they may cause the blade to slip, bind, or break. Additionally, the blade may break if the machine is operated at an excessively high or low speed.

If you are experiencing problems with your band saw blade breaking easily, it is recommended that you consult your machine’s user manual or contact the manufacturer for further assistance. Additionally, regularly maintaining your saw and replacing worn or damaged parts can help prevent blade breakage and other issues from occurring.

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