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What Kind of Paper Can An Automatic Slitter Be Used to Cut

The paper converting industry completely depends on the paper cutting machine or slitters. Because of slitters, you do not have to pay big fees for your credit cards. The companies can easily use the cash registers to handle the issuance of the cash receipts. Thus, without this machine, this industry cannot become an economic giant.

To create quality products like cash registers, the paper converting companies are using slitters to cut down the big paper rolls into small ones. Each company can adjust the size of the rolls. The maximum size of the rolls can be around 54 inches. Nevertheless, you cannot make use of any slitter. Many paper roll cutting Machine manufacturers are offering diverse types of slitters. Each is suitable for a particular material. So, you have to choose a slitter according to your product.

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What kind of paper can an automatic Slitter be used to cut?

Many years ago, the paper industry was using simple slitters. With time, the paper roll cutting machine manufacturers introduced semi-automatic and automatic slitters. At present, almost the entire industry is making use of automatic slitters. These machines have the capacity to cut down diverse materials efficiently. Now, we are going to mention the kinds of paper that slitters can cut down easily.

·  Gloss Coated Paper

The gloss coated paper is shiny. The specific type of ink is used on this paper that does not rub off after proper drying. It is ideal for brochures and flyers. The cutting machine can easily deal with this paper.

·  Watermarked Paper

This is a top-quality paper which will surely give you a luxury feeling. It is perfect for imperative documents like exam sheets and certificates. The automatic slitter can trim this paper down in general size of certificates.

·  Bond Paper

This paper type is durable and strong than the typical paper. It has been made up from the rag pulp. The slitter can cut down this paper and turn it into the envelopes and letterheads.

· Recycled Paper

Many companies prefer recycled papers because of the environment. These papers can be used for memo papers, forms, and reports.

· Uncoated Paper

You can easily locate this paper into the office printers. As the name suggests, it does not have any sort of coating, which makes it ideal for absorbency. It is usable for both pen and printers. The cutting machine can change this simple paper into letterheads and forms.

· Matt Coated Paper

The matt paper is completely different from the gloss. It has a matt finishing due to which the paper is not shiny but glaring. The equipment cuts it down for leaflets, reports, and flyers.

· Silk Coated Paper

This paper type has a smooth and silky coating which makes it stand out. However, this paper is not shiny at all. The automatic slitter can convert this paper sheet into the size of magazines and catalogs.

Final Words

The paper roll cutting machine manufacturers are providing slitters that can cut down all the papers mentioned above. The companies just have to adjust high rolls of paper into the machine and set the required size. The machine will handle the rest.

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