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What Should We Do If The Original Paper Gets Wet After Heavy Rain?

Spring and summer are often accompanied by heavy rainfall. The violent rain and rapidly rising water will cause many enterprises to suffer huge losses, among which the printing and packaging enterprises are particularly severe. A large number of raw materials such as cardboard and base paper cannot be put into production after soaking; batches of finished products for sale cannot be sold due to damage.

During periods of heavy rain, paper and packaging companies must take precautions to minimize losses. So, what are the specific and effective precautions?


Before the rainstorm strikes, paper and packaging companies need to be prepared and prevented. Including inspections of factory buildings, drainage equipment and warehouses where the raw paper is stored, purchase insurance and prepare emergency plans, etc.

Once a heavy rain occurs, it is necessary to form a disaster emergency response team in time to prepare each person with relevant responsibilities, prepare rain gear, lighting, tarpaulin, and other materials to perform emergency work in a timely manner; store the inventory on a safety floor on the second floor or above, The inventory stored on the first floor must be raised at least 60CM. Clean up all drainage ditches (pipes) in the factory area to ensure smooth flow.

So, if the base paper and cartons have been soaked, what should the paper and packaging companies do to recover the losses? Here will introduce a kind of "remedy artifact": dust-free paper roll cutting machine. YYS Machinery is a professional paper roll cutting machine manufacturer, it owns remedial measures to reduce the width of the paper after the original paper is soaked in water and damaged.

High-quality Paper Roll Cutting Machine With Saw Blade

Five advantages of YYS base paper cutting machine:

1. Completely closed dust recovery, the dust recovery rate is up to 100%, which not only makes the work site clean and tidy but also reduces the harm caused by dust to the operator's health.

2.Higher security

The design and application of corrugated paper cutting machines separate the base paper that was originally exposed from the machine and personnel, effectively ensuring the safety of the machine and the operator.

3. The floor of the knife holder is designed to make the cut surface flatter. The floor-standing design of the knife holder is more reasonable, ensuring the smoothness and stability of the blade when the machine is running, and achieving a better cut surface leveling effect.

4. Reduce noise and facilitate machine maintenance and repair the floor-type design of the knife holder reduces the noise during the operation of the machine and facilitates the blade replacement and the maintenance and maintenance of the machine.

5. Easy to move

The design is more reasonable and easier to disassemble. The base is equipped with a forklift hole for easy movement and can be placed only on a horizontal surface of 15 square meters.

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