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Why can’t the base paper trimming machine be used directly

Base paper trimming machine is a kind of equipment used for trimming base paper in paperboard production line, which can improve production efficiency and product quality. However, the base paper trimming machine can not be used directly, the main reasons include:

1, base paper quality problem: if there is wet water on the end face of the base paper, the trimming opportunity can not work normally. Wet base paper will affect the cutting accuracy and efficiency of the trimming machine, which may lead to a decline in product quality.

2, equipment adjustment and maintenance: base paper trimming machine needs to be adjusted and maintained regularly to ensure its normal operation. For example, the position and Angle of the knife edge need to be adjusted, as well as the inspection and replacement of worn parts.

3, operation skills: the operation of base paper trimming machine requires certain skills and experience. Operators need to understand how the equipment works and operating procedures in order to use the equipment correctly.

4, environmental conditions: the working environment of the base paper trimming machine will also affect its use. For example, factors such as humidity, temperature, and dust can affect the normal operation of the device.

Therefore, in order to ensure the normal use of the base paper trimming machine, it is necessary to conduct proper pretreatment of the base paper, carry out regular maintenance and adjustment of the equipment, and ensure that the operator has the necessary skills and knowledge. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the impact of the working environment on the use of equipment.

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