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Why is the cutting loss of band saw paper cutter much lower than circular saw?

As an expert in the field of cutting machinery, I can explain why the cutting loss of a band saw paper cutter is significantly lower than that of a circular saw.

Firstly, a band saw paper cutter uses a continuous loop of metal teeth (the blade) to achieve a cutting motion. This means that there is a consistent, even pressure applied to the material being cut throughout the entire process. In contrast, a circular saw blade moves in a rotary motion, which can cause irregular pressure and create more scrap material.

Secondly, the blade of a band saw paper cutter is thinner than that of a circular saw, which means that less material is removed and less scrap is produced. Additionally, the band saw blade has teeth that are angled, which allows for a smoother cut and less damage to the material.

Thirdly, a band saw paper cutter can be adjusted to cut at various speeds and with different blades to achieve the desired result. This flexibility means that materials can be cut with precision and with minimal waste.

Finally, it is worth noting that a band saw paper cutter generally requires less maintenance than a circular saw, which can lead to less downtime and more efficient production.

In summary, the lower cutting loss of a band saw paper cutter compared to a circular saw is due to factors such as consistent pressure, thin blades, angled teeth, and the ability to adjust the cutting speed. Employing a band saw paper cutter in your production process can help to minimize waste, save time and increase efficiency.

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