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Why Thermal Cash Register Paper Roll Slitting Machine More and More Popular in USA

According to the paper roll cutting industry report, more and more thermal paper roll slitting machines have sold to USA,the width is from 500mm,700,,1200mm up to 1350mm different for the mother roll,to cut into 80×80 roll as most common size.


We were so surprised why America need our machines so many in a sudden time?


This answer has been replied by one of the American cash register paper roll slitting machine

buyer Mr Peter who is dedicated in thermal roll distribution for 20 years more.


He told us that the U S government starts to charge the imported duty for the finished roll for thermal Cash roll,ATM roll,POS roll,lottery roll,etc.


They had no choice to compete with the local tycon manufacturer by the extra tax add on.Then most of them have to start their own manufacturing in the USA.


This reason was so great for us though it is a bit later since the rule started 3 years already.


We will keep our technical R&D innovation,make utmost to produce the better and better version of machine,we believe our machine will occupy more of market share not only in USA,Canada but also all over the world.




If you have any questions about our new paper roll slitting machine without rewinder,please feel free to contact us.

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