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Why we say this kind of electric paper cutting machine is new?

Here comes a new paper cutting machine of YYS Machinery,maybe you will say it looks the same as normal slitter,why you say this kind of electric paper cutting machine is new?Now let’s have a introduction.


This kind of new product are widely used in paper mill, paper packaging factory. It looks same as normal slitter, but no need rewinder, which save time. Not only can used in your factory for cutting different width paper rolls, but also can provide on-site roll paper cutting processing services, This machine can cut the paper rolls which is soaked, wormed, bigger or special specification according to customer demands, also including the kraft paper, corrugated paper, white card etc.


So why we say this kind of electric slitting machine is new,in a word,it can work according to your factory’s facts,your own needs.Customization is our strength.

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