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World paper pulp production is slightly reduced

In recent years, the world's paper pulp production showed a slow downward trend. in 2015, the world's pulp production reached to 181 million tons, slightly reduced by 0.2% in 2014.

The United States is the world's largest paper pulp producer, in 2012 the US pulp production has reached to 50.35 million tons but fell to 47.76 million tons in 2015. In the world's 20 major pulp producing countries, there are eight European countries, four Asian countries, three Latin American countries, two North American countries, two Oceanian countries, one African country.


World pulp exports in 2015 was 53.82 million tons, Latin American is the largest pulp exports between them. it's 16.97 million tons. World pulp imports in 2015 was 52.9 million tons, of which Asia's largest pulp imports, 26.27 million tons.

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