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YYS, as a professional paper reel cutting machine manufacturer, supply paper roll cutting machine and paper slitting machines, which are widely used in cutting corrugated roll paper, wormed roll paper, soaked roll paper with different width, speed and efficiency. On-site roll paper processing service is also provided as long as you demand. You're alwalys welcome to visit our factory!

Paper Slitting Machine

Looking for a paper slitter that primarily converts thermal paper rolls, jumbo paper rolls, industrial paper rolls and more, Youyuansheng Machinery can provide the solution for you. We offers different machine models with various levels of automation to meet your company's specific needs.

Main Specifications

Paper WidthBetween 3cm and 4m
Paper DIABetween 35cm to 1.5m
Time-consumingIt takes 5min to cut 1.25m DIA and 140g Kraft cardboard, time-consuming conversely to weight. 6 volumes can be cut per hour on average.
Voltage380V(standard), other voltage need customize;
Main Motor Power30KW
Cutter Blade Speed740R/min

The paper roll slitting machine works 10 times faster than before for cutting speed, one machine is equal to six people. German YSJ technology with dust-free non-destructive cutting, 5S operating environment. Complete set of linkage, AI control system, unattended boot, automatic cutting. We are focus on paper cutting machine for many years.


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